Natalie Miller

PhD Student

  School of Chemistry, Joseph Black Building, University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, U.K.

Academic Career


In 2023, Natalie received her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. During her studies, Natalie worked in Dr Anne McNeil’s group, specifically working on the synthesis of degradable organic polymers. Natalie was also a member of the professional chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma (Alpha Beta chapter).

Natalie studied abroad at the University of Glasgow in 2022. During this time, Natalie conducted a summer research project in the Hedley Single Molecule Laboratory. This project focused on studying the excited state of the conjugated polymer F8BT using single molecule spectroscopy. Natalie has returned to Glasgow to pursue her PhD with a research focus on studying the excited state behaviour of organic polymers and molecules at the single molecule level.

Natalie enjoys knitting, reading, and hiking in her spare time.